Basic Pranic Healing

Duration: 2 days

Pre-requisite: None

MCKS Pranic Healing is the most comprehensive and advanced energy system available to the layperson. The subjects taught even in the first level are vast and cover many topics not included in other such systems|schools. The course not only teaches us how to heal, but also how to take charge of our life and improve it on all levels; how to improve interpersonal relationships, reduce stress, improve one's financial situation, and become more successful among others.

The basic course includes teaching the student how to feel or scan the aura and use this ability to diagnose problem areas. Once we are able to feel and interact with this energy, we can use it for many things, we can heal, we can change the energy of a place, a room, an office, we can send energy to people, places or things; since energy is everywhere, there is almost no limit on how we can use it.

In this workshop you will be learning about

⚜ The energy body, chakras and their functions in relation to our physical body
⚜ How to scan energy body
⚜ Techniques to clean and energise
⚜ Heal simple and complex health issues
⚜ Distance Healing | how to heal people at a distance
⚜ Self Healing | techniques to heal oneself
⚜ Law of Karma | it's effects on our life | and character building
⚜ A simple yet powerful meditation for removing stress and for better health.
⚜ The Pranic Healing workshop also teaches a meditation called the Meditation on Twin Hearts
⚜ Pranic Breathing (how to breathe properly)


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We are available from Wednesday to Monday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.