Wesak - The full moon of Buddha – 25th May, 2013

Dear Fellow Healers,
Om Namaste!
“I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light.” - A Bailey

The Tibetan DK ( from the Alice Bailey books ) goes on to explain that:  “The whole theme of revelation is the revelation of light, and that implies many different interpretations of the word ‘light’; it concerns the lighted areas of being which otherwise remain unknown, and therefore hidden. We create light; we employ light; we discover greater lights which serve to reveal to us the Unknown God.  It is the guiding light within us which eventually reveals those brighter lights which usher in the process of revelation.    
… ‘light is substance’ and ‘substance is energy’”   [Discipleship II p436]

And elsewhere he writes: “…the great theme of LIGHT underlies our entire planetary purpose.  The full expression of perfect LIGHT… is the engrossing life-purpose of our planetary Logos. Light is the great and obsessing enterprise in the three worlds of human evolution. ...light is a symptom and an expression of Life, and that essentially … and in a most mysterious way the terms, Light and Life, are interchangeable within the limits of the planetary ring-pass-not …Light can be regarded as a symptom, a reaction to the meeting and consequent fusion of spirit and matter.”  [Rays p143]

Wesak -The full moon of Buddha: "...the greatest event upon our planet, from the stand point of the Spiritual verities, and the one which has the greatest effect upon the human race."   (The Master Djwhal Khul.)

We are, once again, in the month of Wesak. Let us join together on this Buddha Purnima to bring more love and tolerance into our world by understanding the wisdom imparted through the light in silence by the great Souls who have tread the path before us.

The PHFD is pleased to share that the Wesak Celebrations this year will be held on May 25, 2013 at the JW Marriott, Aerocity, New Delhi - 110 037. We are grateful to the Management of the Hotel for hosting this event. This meditation is open to all- Healers, their family, friends and non-healers. We urge you to kindly spread this awareness to all your friends and acquaintances to join us for this special Meditation.

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This sense of union and its eternal echo down the ages is reflected in the great inflow when the Buddha returns each year at the time of the Wesak Festival and joins the assembled Spiritual Hierarchy and the invocative appeal of Humanity.

As per the legend Wesak also symbolizes the convergence of great blessings from Buddha Shakyamuni through many Great Ascended Holy Masters to the Mother Earth, every person, every being.

A special feature of this year's Wesak would be the chanting of The Heart Sutra preceding the Wesak Meditation and The Great Invocation as given by Master Djwhal Khul to A. Bailey.

The Heart Sutra (The Prajnaparamita-Hrdaya Sutra): English Translation

When Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara practiced the deep Prajnaparamita, he saw that the Five Skandhas were empty; thus he overcame all ills and suffering.

"O Sariputra! Form does not differ from the void, and the void does not differ from the form. Form is the void, and the void is form. The same is true for feelings, conceptions, impulses and consciousness.

O Sariputra, the characteristics of the void is not created, not annihilated, not impure, not pure, not increasing, not decreasing.

Therefore, in the void there are no forms and no feelings, conceptions, impulses and no consciousness: there is no eye, ear, nose, tongue, body or mind; there is no form, sound, smell, taste, touch or idea; no eye elements, until we come to no elements of consciousness; no ignorance and also no ending of ignorance, until we come to no old age and death; and no ending of old age and death.

Also, there is no truth of suffering, of the cause of suffering, of the cessation of suffering or of the path. There is no wisdom, and there is no attainment whatsoever. Because there is nothing to be attained, a Bodhisattva relying on Prajnaparamita has no obstruction in his heart. Because there is no obstruction he has no fear, and he passes far beyond all confused imagination and reaches Ultimate Nirvana.

All Buddha in the past, present and future have attained Supreme Enlightenment by relying on the Prajnaparamita. Therefore we know that the Prajnaparamita is the great magic Mantra, the great Mantra of illumination, it is the supreme Mantra, the unequaled Mantra which can truly wipe out all suffering without fail."

Therefore, he uttered the Prajnaparamita mantra, by saying:

"Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasemgate Bodhi-svaha!"

Look forward to seeing you all.

We urge you to kindly spread this awareness to all your friends and acquaintances to join us for this special Meditation.

Event Schedule:
Location:  JW Marriott Hotel, Aerocity, New Delhi.

9:00am : Seating
9:15am : Lamp Lighting
9:30am : Chanting
9.55am : Wesak Meditation (Buddha Purnima Meditation)
10:45am : Short talk by PHFD Trust Board
11.00am : High Tea

In  Service of The Teacher,
With loving Kindness
Ajay Pal
(On behalf of the PHFD Trust Board)