Please Note - Change of Venue for August 15 Program from JW Marriott to Qutub Hotel.

Dear Fellow Healers,
Om Namaste!

A warm welcome to all the new Pran Chikitsa healers who have joined the PHFD during the month of April 2013. We wish you all a joyful journey on this path.

Help for victims of Uttarakhand Tragedy
PHFD will facilitate financial help towards relief operations for victims of Uttarakhand disaster. People from across India as also from across the world are suffering due to the unprecedented calamity. Tithing and financial aids for this are welcome. Please mark the reverse of your cheque with 'Uttarakhand Relief' if you wish to contribute towards this effort. This scheme will be closed on Aug 21, 2013.

Introducing New Seminars
Some of our forthcoming new workshops on PC Inner Journey, PC Crystal Healing, PC Psychic Self Defense, Miracles Through Kriyashakti (The Ancient Art of Materialization) etc, are based on ancient universal heritage. These will be extremely useful in day to day life.

Introducing Regular weekly Udgitha Meditation
PHFD is pleased to share that effective June 01, 2013 regular weekly Udgitha meditation will be held at PHFD, 3/23 (Basement), Shanti Niketan Contact No: 011-41660565 as per schedule below.
Date:      August 02, 09, 16, 23 and 30, 2013.
Timing:  11.00 am to 12.00 pm.

Pran Chikitsa on the move
As shared in our last month's newsletter PC seminars are now on the move. They will soon be available through some more regional organisations in different states in India.

Pran Chikitsa beyond the shores
Lately, we have been approached by oversees residents for making these workshop available internationally. PHFD is yet to take a call on this.

The Teacher's Grace comes in many ways.
The mission of the Teacher will be carried forward.

Regular Seminars
The Pran Chikitsa Level 1 and Level 2 workshops are now a regular feature at the PHFD. These are based on the ancient Indian mythology with information quoted from authors almost 85 years to more than 100 years ago reflecting the original heritage.

We are extremely delighted to share that these workshop have been designed by experienced PHFD healers based on many years of their practice with the theory backed by ancient sources of wisdom and will remain dynamic with regular updating.

Highlights of July
Weekly Udgitha Meditation
Pran Chikitsa Workshop

Open Nurturing Session Before The Group Meditation
Applicable Sponsorship
As announced earlier full sponsorship of PC level 1 and 2 workshop for the benefit of old healers was applicable till end May 2013. We are grateful to PHFD and to all those who participated in this full sponsorship programme for their generosity. It helped many old healers to understand the true heritage and thus avoid misleading anyone.
PHFD will continue to partly subsidise these workshop for old healers till end September, 2013.

Those (old healers) wishing to register for these subsidised programmes may contact Mr. Puri at the PHFD. These workshops are now also open for fresh participants with part PHFD sponsorship.

For fresh participants to these workshops the monthly part sponsorship scheme was also available till end May 2013. This is now replaced with reduced part sponsorship till end Sept, 2013.
The PHFD reserves the right to accept registrations at its sole discretion. Pran Chikitsa Level 3 Programme will be introduced this month as per schedule below. Again this workshop will be sponsored for old healers only and is open for fresh participants.

Sharing of Information
Please note that we will continue to share news on our forthcoming events and seminars through the platform of these newsletters and by publishing on our website:

This is an extremely important phase for all of us and the PHFD is looking forward to spread these workshops in all walks of life without the burden of forced strictures from vested commercial interests.

Forthcoming Events
Pran Chikitsa Workshop in August
August seminars will be conducted as per schedule below. Those wishing to participate should register with the PHFD soonest. Maximum 18 participants per course will be accepted. Please register your names in time.

Schedule: Pran Chikitsa Level 1
Venue :  PHFD, 3/23, Basement, Shanti Niketan
Date:      August 03 and 04, 2013.
Timing:  9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Schedule:  Pran Chikitsa Level 2
Venue :  PHFD, 3/23, Basement, Shanti Niketan
Date:      August 17 and 18, 2013.
Timing:  9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Schedule:  Pran Chikitsa Level 3
Venue :  PHFD, 3/23, Basement, Shanti Niketan
Date:      August 31 and September 01, 2013.
Timing:  9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Schedule for PC Higher Workshop in the coming months

Pran Chikitsa Inner Journey is likely to be held in August 2013.
Pran Chikitsa Psychic Self Defence is likely to be held in September 2013.

Pran Chikitsa Crystal Healing is likely to be held in November 2013.

Pran Chikitsa Trainers'  Workshop is likely to be held in December 2013.

Celebrating The Independence Day and Our Spiritual Heritage - August 15:
This event will be hosted at the Qutub Hotel. Please be guided by the following programme. This event is open to non-healers as well. Please do join with your family and friends. We are grateful to the Management of the Hotel for sponsoring this event, once again, this year. Those wishing to do volunteer service for organizing this event are requested to contact Mrs. Vibha Sharma on 9313325235 or register your names with Mr Puri at PHFD.

The Programme:
Seating:    11:00 am
Lamp lighting:    11:10 am
Chanting:    11:15 am
Meditation:    11:30 pm
National Anthem:    12:00 pm
Short clip on 5th Check Dam & Uttrakhand Disaster :    12:05 pm
Brief Talk on behalf of PHFD:    12:15 pm
Cake Cutting and Lunch:    12:30 pm

Open Nurturing Session preceding group meditation
There will be an open nurturing session before the group meditation from 5.00pm to 6.00pm on 21st of August, 2013. This is an excellent opportunity to clarify your doubts and to seek healing help.

Full Moon Meditation
Date:    21 August, 2013 (Wednesday)
Venue:    3/23, Basement, Shanti Niketan
Open Nurturing Session:     5:00 pm
Meditation:     6:00 pm

Water Power Project
Check-Dams: We hope to start the fifth check dam soon and it is likely to be closer to Delhi making it possible for all of us to visit the site and also to participate in its development.
Tithing and financial aids for these projects are welcome. Cheques or drafts may kindly be made in the name of the “Pranic Healing Foundation of Delhi”.

In  Service of The Teacher,
With loving Kindness
Ajay Pal
(On behalf of the PHFD Trust Board)