Celebrating The Inspiration and PHFD Day - March 19

Dear Fellow Healers,
Om Namaste!

The Teacher gives us in abundance to celebrate each day in this life and ever more hereafter. We continue to unwrap and understand all that was and is being given to us.

March 19, 2017 will be celebrated as the Inspiration Day along with the foundation day of PHFD. Please join with family and friends as this event is open to all. The event will be followed by Prasadam at the PHFD.

In your heart
There is a mirror,
It shows only your face
When the heart’s duality goes
Honesty is mastered. … Kabir

Programme Schedule
Seating --------------------------11.25 AM
Lamp Lighting------------------11.30 AM
Heart Sutra----------------------11.35 AM
The Great Invocation---------11.45 AM
Group Meditation--------------11.50 AM
Short Talk by PHFD----------12.25 PM
Prasadam – Lunch------------12.30 PM

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In Service of The Teacher,
With loving Kindness
Ajay Pal
(On behalf of the PHFD Trust Board)