Frequently Asked Questions

What is PHFD?

PHFD is a not-for-profit organisation established at Delhi in 1995 by enthusiastic healers. The purpose of the organisation was to popularise the science of Pranic Healing as brought to the world by Master Choa Kok Sui. Ever since its establishment, the organisation had been engaged in healing, establishing clinics and training workshops for spreading this wonderful science. 

Who is Master Choa Kok Sui?

Master Choa Kok Sui was instrumental in bringing out the age-old wisdom of the use of prana for healing ailments of people at large. Master was a Filipino of Chinese origin. He had researched on the use of prana for healing. He further codified the procedures to great simplicity. He made it possible for anyone even without prior knowledge of the subject to be trained to heal. As a first step MCKS crafted a Basic course to heal using Prana in a matter of just two days. The unique aspect of the workshop is that it needed no tools or equipments other than bare hands. The only other element which is Prana is abundantly available in nature waiting to be used. The workshop is devoid of any mysticism or assumption. 

What is Pranic healing?

The existence of a subtle body for all living beings had been known from time immemorial. The understanding that this invisible bioplasmic body surrounding living beings is constituted of prana and that it is easily modifiable remained hugely unknown till MCKS demonstrated this capability. Effectively the manipulation of the Bio plasmic body could be easily carried out with bare hands. Change in the bioplasmic body in the form of removal of irregularities and bringing back to normalcy of flow is the procedure adopted in Pranic healing.

How can one learn Pranic Healing?

Healing using prana is taught through a workshop spanning two full day sessions of eight hours each. Any adult can go through this workshop. The workshop also extends to bring awareness about associated  information like effective breathing, the law of karma, the principle of Self-healing and Distant healing. The comprehensive workshop prepares participants to practice hands-on-healing without any need for further additional help or assistance. Continual nurturing provided by experienced healers can take any enthusiast to high healing capabilities. 

Is there any prerequisite for learning Pranic Healing?

There are no prerequisites for joining this course. As part of the workshop, participants are introduced to Twin Heart Meditation. Because of the inclusion of this meditation in the workshop it is advised that participants should be at least 18 years of age.

What is the take away from the course?

Individuals and families weighed down by mine avail minutes in a date to day basis elements not of such nature to make it to your clinic but affect the performance of individuals and groups of people. It is in this context that knowledge of the signs of healing can bring relief from such minor elements and improve the overall health of families and their neighbours and friends. Don’t the scope after Siri is not limited to just this capability individuals gain maximum comfort by the use of this feeling because it will remove the need for frequent visits to clinics and use of self-described medicines in many cases needlessly.

What kind of ailments can be healed?

Since the underlying principle in PH is providing the body with the necessary ability to recover itself, there is no ailment which cannot be handled by this procedure. However one of the very important factor which remains to be underlined is that the stage of the ailment influences the speed of recovery. It is always advised that PH should be taken as a complimentary remedy and therefore patients are always advised to seek medical help. Innumerable testimonials by various patients around the Globe are just proof of the effectiveness of PH in its ability to handle very wide range of ailments.

Are there any side-effects for Pranic Healing?

PH relies on the ability of the body to recover itself. Essentially support is required for the body till such time it is identified that the regeneration has already started. Because of this reason one can surely state that there are no side-effects to this method of healing.

Other courses also taught by PHFD?  

There are many advanced courses taught by PHFD like Kriyashakti or the Art of Materialsation, Psychic Self Defense for Home and Office and many other courses. Further Arhatic Yoga which is a synthesis of yoga as brought out by MCKS is also offered in steps to ardent seekers.