Water Power Project

"Project and Radiate Loving-Kindness! Be still! Bathe in the waters of Love and Bliss!"...GMCKS ...Compassionate Objectivity

This opportunity came our way in 2008 when we were looking to help people with self-reliance and self-sufficiency, as a suggestion from  Mr Sushil Gupta during one of the Trust Board Meetings. The platform was enormous giving each Pranic Healer a chance to serve and participate in many ways in the upliftment of our fellow beings for generations to come.     

Narainimata Wala Check-Dam

No. of villages covered - 8  |  Population covered - 8000

Kaanchwala Check-Dam

No. of villages covered - 8.  |  Population covered - 8000

Rishi Parashar Dham Wala Check-Dam

No. of villages covered - 7  |  Population covered - 7400

All above Check-Dams are in a cluster neighboring each other.

We are continuing with this good work by co-sponsoring our third dam. The PHFD will now take on 75% of the sponsors cost as against the earlier 50%. On the auspicious occasion of Wesak the PHFD released funds for co-sponsoring the third dam.

Generosity brings good luck…GMCKS ...Achieve the Impossible

These check dams benefit a cluster of villages and change the lives of thousands of people forever. Projects like these provide long term sustainable opportunities to a large number of rural people, and truly live up to our Beloved Guru's teachings!!

We are very grateful to all our pranic family members and their friends who have generously supported this cause. Much more needs to be done. We seek your help to change this. Tithing and financial aids for this project are welcome. Cheques or drafts may kindly be made in the name of the Pranic Healing Foundation of Delhi.

Feeding Rural India

This has been on since 2009 where our volunteer teams have ensured cooked nutritious meals for people in rural India. Last year we were able to feed these people in Dausa and Tehri-Garhwal. So far more than 10000 cooked meals have been served.  Going forward we hope to add and serve more communities.

Feeding the Soul

The PHFD has been working towards Master’s mission of a Pranic Healer in every home. With a rural population of 73% in India this great mission would remain illusionary without taking Pranic Healing to the rural areas. Our tentative first steps last year to achieve this resulted in strengthening our mission focus and we hope to improve our reach this year.

Feeding the Homeless and helping in times of Natural Calamities:
The PHFD was also able to feed the homeless in NCRT, assisted victims of Natural disasters by contributing towards Bihar flood relief and AP flood relief.

Contributions towards Arhatic Yoga Ashram at Mulshi and MCKS All Gratitude Project

The Foundation has continued each year to help and support these projects financially.

Forthcoming Projects

  • Water Power - We hope to co-sponsor our 4th Check-Dam.
  • Feeding Rural India – ongoing.
  • Feeding the Soul – ongoing.
  • Helping to build a Rural Healing Centre – new.

"Pranic Healers need to work as a group. You must learn to work as one. Focus on group harmony" …GMCKS …..Inspired Action

While all above projects have been undertaken and successfully implemented we continue to monitor the ideals of each project whether they remain in synch with the objectives. In the past implementation of each project has been done by fellow healers so we have been always assured of proper delivery.

The PHFD is grateful to all its members who have been supporting all these projects wholeheartedly in many-many ways. It is this support that has reached us thus far. It is the pillar that should help us go on and on to walk the path shown by GMCKS.