Water Power Project (Narayanimata Wala Dam)

Tithing is not an expense. Tithing is a Karmic Investment! (MCKS)

The Pranic Healing Foundation of Delhi has co-sponsored a pilot project in Baldevgarh district, near Alwar, Rajasthan, to construct rain water harvesting check dams to help uplift the lives of people dwelling there.

The Narayanimata Wala Dam located next to the Narayanidevi Temple is meant to benefit eight villages and change the lives of 8000 people forever. The catchment area of the dam is 12-15 kms. The size of the check dam will be 250 mts x 750 mts with a depth of 10 ft. Rainwater from the surrounding hillsides will flow into the check dam forming a water body. The water will seep into the ground naturally, thereby raising the ground water level of the surrounding areas over a period of two to three years. This will bring financial stability, reduction of unemployment, easier living conditions, and over time, would reduce migration to the cities.

On 6-8 August 2009 the PHFD send a team of Pranic Healers for the inauguration of the dam. On the same trip a Basic Pranic Healing class was conducted for the villagers. The unexpected turnout was 600 enthusiastic students of different ages!

You can watch the slide film about the project on www.youtube.com

"Bathe in the waters of Love and Bliss!" (MCKS)

Projects like these provide long term sustainable opportunities to a large number of rural people, and truly live up to our Beloved Guru's teachings! We are very grateful to all our pranic family members and their friends who have generously supported this cause.

Much more remains to be done. We intend to continue this good work by sponsoring another such dam. "...These check dams benefit a cluster of villages and change the lives of thousands of people forever."

We seek your help to change this. Tithing and financial aids for this project are welcome. Cheques or drafts may kindly be made in the name of the Pranic Healing Foundation of Delhi.

For details please contact: +91-11 4166 0565.