Empowering Rural India

We have it in our power to change the world over. — Thomas Paine

In our endeavour to share since 2009 we have embraced the water power to help bring happiness, wisdom, prosperity and good health to as many as we can to strengthen and enable the India of tomorrow to become more vibrant, resourceful, more giving instead of only seeking.

  1. Towards this end we have nurtured our Water Power project in Rajasthan. We will add to our list of check dams again this year.  ...Read more

  2. Towards this end beckons the call of the Nation through "Swacch Bharat Swacch Vidayalay".

“Educating girls is my priority. I have noticed that girls drop out of schools by the time they reach class 3rd or 4th just because schools don't have separate toilets for them. They don't feel comfortable. There should be toilets for boys and girls in all schools. We should concentrate on girl students not quitting schools.”

 – Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Teachers’ Day, September 5, 2014 


The National Mission -  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Schools will help girls to continue their education instead of dropping out. … Read more

We intend to join hands with Rotary India to help upkeep this in as many schools as we can.

This is a march for a more literate home, a more literate India where a child in the future will belong to parents who have learnt to live their dreams for a better life through self reliance.

Make  February 2015 the month of giving to these noble projects. 

We urge you to come forth and join hands on this generous and heart warming march where we can spread happiness and self esteem to as many as we can in this short life to fulfill our responsibilities and destiny of becoming wholesome and one.

Contributions to the above projects may be made through Drafts and or Cheques in the name of Pranic Healing Foundation of Delhi with above projects listed on the reverse.  

Details of Check Dams Sponsored:


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http://delhipranichealing.net/images/1checkdam_t.gif http://delhipranichealing.net/images/2checkdam_t.gif http://delhipranichealing.net/images/3checkdam_t.gif

http://delhipranichealing.net/images/4checkdam_t.gif http://delhipranichealing.net/images/5checkdam_t.gif http://delhipranichealing.net/images/6checkdam_t.gif

http://delhipranichealing.net/images/7checkdam_t.gif http://delhipranichealing.net/images/8checkdam_t.gif http://delhipranichealing.net/images/9checkdam_t.gif

Water Power Project

Water Power Project

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.  - Khalil Gibran

The water power project came our way in 2009 when we were searching for a path to spread self reliance on a larger scale.

What began as a first check dam has grown into 9 check dams today. The seeds that were planted then and thereafter in the form of 9 check dams have grown and now bear the fruits of happiness in multiple ways for nearly 50 villages in Alwar district bringing cheer to some 50,000 villagers and will continue to nourish them for generations to come.

It has brought happiness, better resources/affordability for health, education, love for their Mother Earth, liberation from the vagaries of weather, for generations to come.

Thank you to all of you who were a part of these projects, some through financial support, some through financial and organisational support. Know that you have been truly empowered.

Over the next two months, opportunity beckons again to become a part of this Empowerment of Rural India through Water Power. PHFD, on behalf of its fraternity will continue to support this project to cover more villages under Water Power.

Tithing and financial aids for these projects are welcome. Cheques or drafts may kindly be made in the name of the “Pranic Healing Foundation of Delhi”

We are happy to share that our “Water Power Project” contributed about 16% in number of check dams to the total of 55 check dams completed by Rotary India Water Conservation Trust.

We share with you below a coverage on these check dams and the benefits they have brought to this area.

“Greening the Desert” by Rasheeda Bhagat dated 25 November 2014.


In Service of The Teacher,
With loving Kindness
Ajay Pal
(On behalf of the PHFD Trust Board)


Water Power Project


Water Power Project

The PHFD is pleased to share that funds for the fourth check-dam were released on Dec 21st, 2010 at the full-moon at PHFD. Details of the check-dam are awaited.

These check dams benefit a cluster of villages and change the lives of thousands of people forever. Projects like these provide long term sustainable opportunities to a large number of rural people, and truly live up to our Beloved Guru's teachings!!" We are very grateful to all our Pranic family members and their friends who have generously supported this cause. Much more needs to be done. We seek your help to change this. Tithing and financial aids for this project are welcome. Cheques or drafts may kindly be made in the name of the Pranic Healing Foundation of Delhi.

Nurturing Rural India

The PHFD deeply appreciates the efforts of our volunteers for the nurturing trips who have come forward month after month to help anchor Pranic Healing in Rural India. We will have a seasonal break till end March before continuing with these efforts again.


Free Healing Camp

Atma Namaste,

You might be aware that we are organizing free healing camps, healing courses and setting up women vocational training and healing centers in rural Delhi NCR.
Kindly send your donations for this purpose to the Foundation at the following bank details:
Pranic Healing Foundation of Delhi
Account No.:  006505000840
IFSC: ICIC0000065
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